Apartment 101: Just Grillin…

With the weather warming up and Memorial Day fast approaching,  it’s time to get outside and start entertaining.  Whether we are in our apartment in OKC or our house in Hot Springs, grilling is what it’s all about for summer celebrations.   One of the things about apartment living is you do have some shared common space areas…like the grill.  Our apartment complex provides a great outdoor kitchen area but doesn’t supply all of the essentials you will need to grill that perfect burger.  In my series, Apartment 101,  I have put together a little “grill caddy” that will make it super simple to keep all your grilling essentials in one place and easy to transport to your outdoor kitchen area or a BBQ picnic!


First, make sure you have plenty of paper towels  and Spic and Span or disinfecting wipes so that you can make sure your area is clean before you start grilling.

You will need a non-stick grill spray like Crisco Grill Master , aluminum foil and of course salt and pepper.

I got these grilling utensils at a great price and it even came with an oven mitt!

It’s always nice to clean the grill when you are done and this Grill Daddy Steam Brush will make cleanup super simple and easy.

Finally, you will need a “caddy” to put all of your grilling essentials in.  This one came from Walmart and it is light-weight and very affordable.

Don’t forget the thermometer to make sure your meat is fully cooked.  I got this one at Target and it was a steal!  This would also make a great Father’s Day gift for that special “Grill-Master” in your life!

Now you have the PERFECT grilling kit for all of your summer entertaining!  As I say, “Just Keep Grillin!”

Are you looking for ways to maximize your small space?  I hope this series will help and I would love to hear your comments below!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the entities listed in the above post.  All opinions are my own.  I am disclosing this in compliance with FTC regulations.


  • Lee Ann Maloney Ross

    That grill caddy is a great idea. We need one at our house. One time we took the grill to the park to grill hotdogs for Fun Bunch and we forgot our grilling utensils and John had to use a little plastic fork to turn the hotdogs. I was so proud of him for using only his “nice” words.

    • Lisa

      Thank you! It has come in really handy at the apartment and I thought it would be great for BBQ picnics too! I’m sure trying to grill with a plastic fork is a difficult task so Kudos to John for his patience! 🙂

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