What I’ve learned from being a mom…

Today is the day we celebrate those amazing women we call mom.   The one that keeps everything in order, on schedule and on time.  They hurt when you hurt, stress when you stress and shine when you shine.  They guide you through difficult situations, love unconditionally, and give lasting advice.

I remember the night I became a mom.   We waited on you all day and finally a little after midnight you arrived.  When we finally got in our room, they handed you to me and left us alone.  I  was looking at you and you were looking at me, studying my face, listening to my voice and seeming to understand everything I was saying.  You were beautiful and perfect.  Smiling, as if to say “I approve”.  It’s hard to sum up all of my emotions at that moment except that I never knew I could love something as much as I love you.


Motherhood is something you cannot prepare for and there is no manual for you to read.  You have to go with your gut and trust your instincts. You will learn patience, find energy you never thought you had and experience every emotion at one time or another.   You will make mistakes.  You will realize that as your child grows, your role will change, but they will always need you.  When they are all grown up, you hope that you have raised a decent, kind, and responsible human being.

Being your mom has been one of the greatest joys of my life.   I couldn’t be prouder of the young man you have become.  You have the sweetest soul and you have blessed my life in so many ways.

It also makes me appreciate even more all the things my mom did for me and my brother.  She was at every school function we ever participated in, cooked dinner for us every night and provided the stability we needed to grow up and become the people we are today.  Thank you for always being there for us and adding love to everything that you do, mom.


Today we honor the women who raised us. Give your mom a hug and tell her that you love her!

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with any of the entities in this post.  All opinions are my own.  I am disclosing this in compliance with FTC regulations.



  • Lynda Bledsoe

    I love this Lisa. I have always been proud to be the mom of you two. Y’all are my legacy and I’m so proud of the mom and dad y’all have become. Days like today with us all being together is what I live for. Wish my handsome grandson Layne could have been with us. Otherwise it was perfect. Love you.

  • Lee Ann Maloney Ross

    Being a mother to my three children was by far, my favorite job in life. My kids are all grown and on their own and two of them have children of their own but I find myself still worrying about them. I am so proud of the people they have become. All three are in helping careers. I appreciate my own mother so much more, now that I have raised three kids myself. Kathryn gave me a little sign for Mother’s Day that says, “Sooner or later, we all quote our mothers.” It’s true, I find myself sounding like my Momma.

    • Lisa

      I can tell from how close you are to your kids that they think you’re pretty special. I saw the picture of the sign on your FB and I thought to myself that is so true! HMD to you!

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